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Meet Abe's Carpet Cleaning! Through this series of videos, some in other places on our website, you will learn what to expect when having Abe's clean the carpet in your home, apartment, or place of business.

Along with meeting us and learning our approach to cleaning your carpets, we have included several video's that share tips and tricks of the trade. If you have any further questions or are ready to set up an appointment, please just give us a call at 715-582-2827.


What to expect when having Abe's clean your carpet.


Pre-Treating carpet before cleaning.


Area Rugs and Furniture


Furniture Cleaning


Furniture Fabric Protector Application


Cleaning Carpet on Stairs


Cleaning Carpet


Removing Carpet Dents from Furniture


Spot Cleaning Carpets


Spot Cleaners Abe's Uses


Carpet Cleaning Complete. Thanks for Choosing Abe's!


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